Event Date(s) Name Venue / Location
5th - 6th September 2022 11th IOC Course on Cardiovascular Evaluation of Olympic AthletesIOC (olympic.org) Lausanne, Switzerland
7th - 9th September 2022 International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Events - 13th Advanced Team Physician Course - https://olympics.com/ioc/ Lausanne, Switzerland
 21st - 23rd September 2022 FIMS Annual Conference 2022 Guadalajara, Mexico
3rd October, 2022

The Royal Society of Medicine (RCM) Conference - Adolescent Musculoskeletal Injuries - Click HERE for link to conference

London, UK
20th - 21st October, 2022 UCL Sports Dentistry - Developing the Sports Dentist - Click HERE for link to event Twickenham, UK
10th - 13th November 2022 ACSEP Annual Scientific Conference 2022 Glenelg, South Australia
18th November 2022 The English Institute of Sport and MedEduCare - From Prevention to Intervention to Reintegration – A Systematic Approach to Supporting Mental Health in Elite Athletes - www.mededucare.com The Royal Society of Medicine, UK 
2nd December 2022 The English Institute of Sport and MedEduCare - Transwomen Athletes: Fairness, Inclusion and Sport, and Duty of Care in Sport Conference -  www.mededucare.com The Royal Society of Medicine, UK