** 2020 Subscription Fees **

Subscriptions are a very important part of the annual income of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, and we rely heavily on the subscription fees every year. Please help us grow as a Faculty, and remember to pay your subscription fees when they are due, to help us plan & deliver CPD activities thoughout the year.

The renewal packs for the subscription fees due on 1st May 2020 were sent out to all Fellows and Members in March 2020.

Please find below the list of the 2020 fees for information:

Fellows with an Irish address (incl. NI)   €350
Fellows with an Overseas address  €200
 Members with an Irish address (incl. NI)  €250
 Members with an Overseas address  €100
 Associate Members with an Irish address (incl. NI)  €150
 Associate Members with an Overseas address  €100
 Fellows/Members retired from clinical practice  €100

Subscription renewals are sent out by the FSEM Office on behalf of the Treasurer in Spring every year. It is the responsibility of all Fellows, Members and Associate Members to ensure that they pay their fee annually when it is due for renewal, in order to remain in Good Standing with the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine.


  • On-line by credit card - Please note that we only accept Visa Debit, Visa Credit and Mastercard 
  • We also accept payments by cheque and bankdraft (Irish banks), made payable to: FSEM / RCSI

8th December 2020 - Please note that we are no longer accepting subscription fees' payments at this point in time for 2020, either by credit card or cheque. We are currently in the process of implementing phase 2 of the new platform, and will be transitioning from the old database to the new one on-line in March 2021. The payment portal has been de-activated for the time being in advance of this move early next year, and will be re-activated in March for the subscription fees due on 1st May 2021. Further information will be circulated to all F&M in the new year.

Please note that only Fellows and Members who are in good standing with the Faculty can vote at the Faculty Board Elections & attend the AGM.

Fellows and Members in good standing with the Faculty - List up-to-date - 16/12/2020

Please note that Associate Members do not have voting rights.